R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Maine Township

As a slate of unified, independent Democrats we are committed to restoring Maine Township and working together for ALL residents of the Township.

Revitalization:  A unified and experienced slate of independent Democrats committed to renewing and revitalizing Township government and our community.  

Our Township government must transform from a “politics as usual” mentality to a “people- first” mentality. Our slate will rebuild township government by instituting a culture of competency and collaboration to attract businesses and restore trust in the township.

Efficiency: Led by community leaders who will ensure the best service at the lowest cost to taxpayers and residents.

Unlike our opponents, who billed the Township $2,500 for the cost of holding their illegal caucus, our slate is focussed on ensuring that the township lives within its means but not at the detriment of our most vulnerable residents. As a unified slate, commitment to doing government in an efficient and cost-effective way which helps the whole of township government is our top concern. 

Service:  Prioritize public and human services to all areas of the Township.

For too long, the Maine Township board has not governed with a “people-first” approach. In a post COVID-19 world, so many of our neighbors are struggling. As a Democratic slate committed to Democratic values, we will restore the importance to proactive public service and human services in the community.

Transparency:  Maximize transparency and accountability in all aspects of your Township government.

Under past partisan control, township government has not served as a beacon of transparency and disclosure. Under fresh, balanced and responsible leadership we will proactively communicate with residents about the key issues facing our government and community. The mission to seek community input and buy-in before any major decisions are made is a cornerstone of our promise to residents of the township. 

Order: Strengthen public safety, ethics and civility in the Township meetings, and the community.

For too long, have Trump enablers on the township board have sought to run the township board in his image; where chaos and disorder reign. As a slate committed to restoring leadership and order to the Township board, we will fight to ensure decency and decorum are elevated and stand up to those who seek to divide and discourage the people’s business. Further, as a slate interested more about serving than expanding political power, we will enhance and maintain a strict ethical decorum.

Relationships: Engage community organizations and stakeholders to build a better, more inclusive community for all residents. 

Oftentimes, government failures can be attributed to a lack of communication or disruption of effective relationships. As one of the largest townships in Cook County, Maine has an opportunity to fill gaps in communications issues and lead the discussion. Under fresh new leadership, our slate will restore the importance of relationship building amongst other units of local government and community organizations.

Experience: Use our depth of government and community service to restore trust in the leadership of your Township government.

Unlike our opponents, our slate is not relying on political purity tests and divisive speeches to earn votes. Our group combines decades of government experience and community leadership into one, unified slate committed to stability, security and efficiency in your township government.  We represent a new coalition made up of Republicans and Democrats all running under the umbrella of the modern Democratic Party – dedicated to restoring trust, decency and competency in government.