Our Issues

Leadership: Our slate is not interested in the status-quo and business as usual at the township. Gone are the days when board meetings devolve into disorder and chaos and endless legal conversations. As a broad coalition of independent Democrats, we are committed to creating a strategic vision for your township which puts residents first and seeks broad community buy-in to adopt fundamental plans to ensure the safety, success and growth of Maine Township.

Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency: As a unified slate made up of experienced professionals, we understand the importance of providing transparent, efficient and accountable township government. Our slate will not seek to discuss critical issues facing the residents of Maine Township outside of public view in closed-door meetings. We are and will remain accountable to YOU, not any political person or political party. Our strategic vision will outline a township which puts these principles above all else in order to effectively and ethically serve you.

COVID-19: Unlike our Republican opponents, as true leaders in the community, we are committed to instituting and adhering to all public health guidelines in order to protect the community from the virus. The Republicans of Maine Township showed their true colors when they chose to have a packed fundraiser at the Park Ridge Country Club last year as the virus was raging in our communities. Our slate keenly understands and will demonstrate the judgment needed to lead on this issue.

Public Service: As a Democratic slate, we are committed to restoring public service to the Township government. Maine Township is one of the largest Townships in Cook County and its population is growing. There is no reason why the Township cannot lead the entire area in providing essential services for its residents. Under this slate, we will restore the importance to proactive public service and human services in the community. COVID-19 has taught us that township government is incredibly important in filling the gaps that the state, federal and local municipality cannot fill. Where these entities cannot provide critical human services like financial assistance and care for Seniors in need, we will craft a strategic vision which maintains and grows human service funding.

Inclusivity: Often overlooked in our Township is the unincorporated community who oftentimes rely on township government as their only form of local assistance. In Maine, there are wide swaths of unincorporated areas made of diverse households who need to be included more in the future vision of Township government. Our strategic plan will put inclusivity at the forefront and outline a plan which aims to elicit further community outreach and participation within these communities.

Public Safety: This is a precarious and dangerous time for society at large. Here in Maine Township, we will continue to build upon the effective relationships we have with our law enforcement community and provide all necessary resources to assist them in carrying out their sworn duties to protect and serve the public. Rather than using bumper sticker slogans to demonstrate our support, we will work to enhance efforts on community policing and invest in supporting early childhood education and programs in the township.